Unrelated news event illustrates why Britain would be better off inside/outside the EU.

GLASGOW – The news that New Zealand has voted to keep its current flag exemplifies why Britain should or shouldn’t vote to leave the EU in the upcoming referendum, an indistinguishably bland, upper class member of either the Leave or Remain campaigns asserted yesterday.

Speaking exclusively to this blog, the geriatric avatar of an unrepresentative political system claimed that “New Zealand’s flag, with its proud display of our beloved Union Jack, shows that Britain was once a great force in the world and can be again when she reclaims her sovereignty from the Eurocrats in Brussels. We can make Britain Great again.”

(He made pains to emphasise the capital G over the phone.)

Or he said that “The continued presence of the Union Jack on New Zealand’s flag is a painful reminder of all the indignities that Britain inflicted on the world during the time of Empire, symbolising the oppression inflicted upon literally billions. The EU was founded to promote peace and security, to prevent something like this from ever happening again. We must remember the lessons of the past and stay a part of the greatest organisation for spreading peace and democracy the world has ever known.”

It was perhaps two different spokesmen who made statements to this blog. However, clarification on this point proved impossible when a small child tripped and fell in Dundee. One or both spokesmen immediately had to leave our interview to draft statements about how Brussels regulations have outlawed the innocent, character forming maimings of a healthy childhood or how health and safety legislation protects our children from witchcraft.

Photo: David Davis MP prevaricating, via his website.


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