Into Africa

Once more into the breach.

Which is to say, I’m off to Africa again for the next couple of months, so intermittent to nonexistent posting will continue for the foreseeable future. Imma try and update with stuff from there, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


The Homecoming – Complete pdf

What the hell, nobody reads it anyway.

Some book I wrote a bit back can be downloaded as a pdf at this link, if anyone wants to marvel at my wasted effort. It gets a bit more coherent later as I kind of figure out what I’m doing, but it ain’t great. Still, first efforts and all that. And for anyone whose first introduction to the site is this post, you’ll have to take it on trust that my writing’s improved in the few years since then. I’ve had a bit more practice.

To be entirely clear, that would be this link. Have fun!

Or don’t, it’s not particularly uplifting.



“When he tried later on to piece his recollections together, he learnt a great deal about himself from what other people told him. He had mixed up incidents and explained events as due to circumstances which existed only in his imagination.” – Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoevsky.

The waiting room was good, as far as these things go. The hospital was a new one, maybe a year or so old, and everything in it, bar the people, seemed just as new. Chairs of all shapes and sizes, firm and soft and high and angled and reclined, some modicum of comfort for every type of ailment or disorder, all laid out in neat rows on gleaming plastic not-wood. There was wood panelling softening the harsh lines of walls and whiteness, soft blue colours masking the clinical efficiency hidden behind the low desk.

Everyone was astonishingly helpful. I was asked several times by passing nurses if I wanted to go into a room and lie down. Every time, I shook my head to clear the fog, muttered something noncommittal. The chairs were fine.

They weren’t fine, but at least there was no risk of me passing out when I was sitting.

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