The Homecoming – Complete pdf

What the hell, nobody reads it anyway.

Some book I wrote a bit back can be downloaded as a pdf at this link, if anyone wants to marvel at my wasted effort. It gets a bit more coherent later as I kind of figure out what I’m doing, but it ain’t great. Still, first efforts and all that. And for anyone whose first introduction to the site is this post, you’ll have to take it on trust that my writing’s improved in the few years since then. I’ve had a bit more practice.

To be entirely clear, that would be this link. Have fun!

Or don’t, it’s not particularly uplifting.


The Homecoming: Chapter 3

Confused about what on earth this is? There’s an explanation here. In the meantime, bad, silly prose follows below.


The door to the barracks opened and a potent cocktail of smells, the dry, wretched tang of stale beer mixed with the acrid biting sharpness of the local spirit, wafted in. Markus glanced up, annoyed at his routine being broken. Six months of comfortable regularity since the transfer from the training base on Rhosix to Şcrade were shattered in an instant.

A large man, outweighing Markus by at least twenty kilogrammes and topping him by half a foot, tumbled over the threshold, toppling like a felled tree and smashing his face into the solid synthcrete floor.

“Shit, are you alright?” Markus had heard the door open and saw the man falling, although the sickening crunch that resounded round the empty room as he impacted the floor would have drawn his attention any time.

The man bounced up with the invincibility and vigour of the very drunk, and put a hand to his face to wipe away the wetness he felt on his lips. He discovered that where before a majestically aquiline protuberance had cut the air in front of him with the authority of a battleship, now his face was as sheer as a cliff. The cliff effect was completed by a bloody waterfall, so, numbed to pain by the extreme amount of alcohol he had consumed, he wandered over to the mirror to have a quick look at what interesting new shape his face had taken. Examining himself in the mirror, he caught sight of Markus looking at him with concern over his shoulder. He stared for a long moment, then returned to absent-mindedly jiggling his nose about his face.

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The Homecoming: Chapter 2

Confused about what on earth this is? An explanation can be found here. In the meantime, here’s some silly prose.



A scream echoed through the cold night, almost shattering the delicate frost on the trees as the chill of deep winter flexed its choking grip. Markus whipped around, his body taut as he sought the source of the cry. He couldn’t see anything in the clear air of the frozen night and frantically scanned the fields in front of him, rolling endlessly in undulating, snowy waves. Then, just as suddenly as it had arisen, the tension was tossed aside again. There was a laugh from his feet, and Lara clambered unsteadily up his side, giving Markus the ignominious duty of handle for his fiancée.

“Sorry,” she giggled through the layers of scarves gently embracing her face, “Just stood on some black ice.”

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The Homecoming: Chapter 1

Confused about what on earth this is? There’s an explanation here. In the meantime, here’s some silly prose.


The carrier burst through the last, low layer of cloud and began its approach, prompting the occupants of the hold to stare slack jawed out of the tiny windows at the scene emerging below them. An industrial complex spilled out onto the landscape, a pool of gradually expanding, featureless grey polluting the pristine valley. It was like an acidic spillage, scarring the ground and burning away the lush, rich jungle that it touched, leaving a ragged hole in the treeline. As the carrier approached the panorama, cutting through sheets of driving rain, the landscape gleamed with a weird, rippling light, the trees and leaves glittering with rainbow flashes as they swirled in the wind of the carrier’s passing. The metallic structures of the complex, belching smoke and chemicals, looked hard and sharp in contrast, clear, defined angles marking them as out of place.

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